Halloween Art Project: Glitter Pumpkins Take One

30 September 2012

***This is a fun and CASUAL post.  Pictures are less than perfect...Details are less than perfect...But the fun of it all was PERFECT!!!
 My family and I went to Cook Forest State Park this past weekend to visit my parents who have a "camp" in the beautiful forest.  The drive there was beautiful.  The leaves are beginning to change colors....Fall is truly here!  I knew my girls, Kaelen (age 4) and AJ (age 2.5) would have plenty of outdoor activities to do while we were there but I brought a couple of projects with us in case the weather became wet and rainy.  Well, the weather was perfect all weekend long. No rain.  Cool enough to need the fire to keep you warm.  Perfect.  Though there was no rain, we decided to work on the projects any way.  The first project was a glitter pumpkin cut out.  This craft is super easy and super messy and loads of fun.

First I found a pumpkin template and cut it out.  I then traced it onto black cardstock.

 I cut out the pumpkins on the black cardstock.

I then made a mixture of three parts glue and one part water  and used a foam brush to "paint" on the glue.  By adding water you are making the glue thinner and easier to spread.

Next I did the fun part.   I sprinkled orange glitter all over the pumpkin.

I shook off the excess glitter.

And voila!  A beautiful, glitter pumpkin.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post to see how I hung our pumpkins and where we decided to hang them!

Some extra cuteness...Had to share!  ***Excuse the background...My husband and brother in law were in the process of refinishing my parents' patio!  


  1. How fun! I'm sitting here trying to decide if my little girl is still too little to do a project like this...she is barely over a year old but I'm SOOO ready to do little crafts with her! lol by the way, I'm your newest follower!! Found ya from "Two in Diapers"!! excited to read more posts from ya!

  2. THanks for stopping by! I appreciate it. With a little "hand over hand" help I think your daughter would love a little project like this. false move and glitter can be EVERYWHERE!!

  3. iam a new follower!loved your creative ideas