Halloween Party Drinks

27 September 2012

     Here I am again...blogging about Halloween.  I have decided to throw a little friends and family Halloween inspired gathering this year.  I would love to turn it into an annual event and most likely will...I just learned how to make a photo collage via Picasa and will post my inspiration board next week.   Today I am going to show you a fun idea that is perfect for any Halloween party that is serving spooky drinks.  
     I shop at JoAnn Fabric all the time.  I am in that store at least once a week.  I think it might truly be an addiction.  I always must have a project or two in the works.  Since I am in there regularly, I know the ins and out of the store.  One of my favorite sections is the $1 bins.  They are at checkout in my store.  The seasonal items they toss in there are fantastic.  This season I have had my eyes out for items that I can use for my Halloween party. I found a few things I will be using for the party.  I am going to share one of them with you today...vinyl bottle decals.  
    For one dollar you receive four vinyl decals that are simple to use.  You pull off the paper backing from the vinyl and adhere it to a bottle, drink dispenser, pitcher or glass of your choice. The result is a spooky drink container!  So simple.  So inexpensive.  

  For the Halloween party I plan on adhering the labels on the ( adorable, inexpensive @$3.99) SLOM glass bottle with stopper from Ikea and my drink dispensers.   I think these will look great on my beverage table at my first annual Halloween party!  Who doesn't love spooky drinks?

Now....What to put in them?  Any suggestions?

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