Huge Giveaway and an Explanation

04 October 2012

My life is so busy.  With two girls under 5, a husband who is never home from work on time and a dog that craves massive amounts of attention....each day is a complete whirlwind!  I feel like it is time to go to bed shortly after I have just woken out of bed!   With that said...Sometimes I think I might be trying to take on too much.   Let's see... each day I am doing the best I can to:  be a mom, be a wife, be a friend,  be the best I can be, keep up with my etsy shop and social media, blog,  start party planning business, etc.... Something's gotta give.  For me the something that "gives" is either the etsy shop, social media, the blog or building the new business and it's different from day to day.  I think that helps creates balance.  Hmph?!  Anyway...

Here are the reasons I am blogging today.  
1. To explain why I haven't posted pictures( as I said I would )of how we hung our glitter pumpkins from our last post.  I apologize. I honestly have been forgetting to charge the camera battery.  It has been charged and pictures will be coming soon.

2. To share a fantastic giveaway hosted by Banner Events, who is celebrating her first birthday.  A giveaway that my sister Ashley from and I are participating in....I sponsored a fabric streamer garland.  Ashley sponsored some custom, hand painted party goodness. There are 67 prizes totaling approximately $3,000 and 66 winners!!

Good luck and have a great day!

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