Steeler Decorations

20 September 2016

In our house, we bleed black and gold.  We are fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Before children, my husband's life, which in turn means my life, revolved around Steeler football.  Our wedding was scheduled around THEIR schedule.  My husband is lucky that it was me who he married!   I support his love and his passion for these sports 100%. 
I wanted to do something a little fun to celebrate the Steelers home opener against the Bengals...Host a little indoor tailgate...   I decided to whip up some Steeler decorations and cook up some good yinzer food. See the outcome below.
We had the traditional Pittsburgh faves, pierogies and homemade Primanti Brothers sliders.

The Steelers  
decorations turned out great and added that perfect little bit flair.
The cupcake toppers, the banners, the fabric streamer backdrop, and the garland can be found in my shop.

It was a fun Sunday in our house.  The indoor tailgate, with Steelers decorations was delish and the Steelers won!  

Halloween Ideas

14 September 2016

Fall is upon is and Halloween is right around the corner. I love this time of year. It is a great time to get creative and crafty. I have been brainstorming Halloween ideas from sweet treats to Halloween costumes to how I am going to set up the kitchen table for my kiddos.  I love to decorate our little round (seats four but we are a family of six) table for every holiday/event. So when searching for things to make my Halloween ideas a reality, of course I swung by Target. 
Jackpot!!! Run and fill your basket! Target Dollar spot has some REALLY great things to make your Halloween extra cute and extra fun. Here is a bunch of stuff that I picked up last week. I plan to share my Halloween ideas and what I am going to do with these adorable things over the next couple of weeks.
First Halloween idea... a Halloween gift. This is the easiest gife you will ever put together and cost is under $7.   

You can use any fall or Halloween inspired vessel.  I found these at the Target Dollar Spot for $3.

Next, you fill it with the candy of your choice.

And there you have it. A cute, simple, easy to put together, gift. 
My two girls will be giving these to their teachers.

More Halloween ideas to come... 

Back to School Bash

06 September 2016

So, school is now in session. I am sending my two daughters to third grade and to first grade this year.  I am excited for them to get back to learning but not excited to be apart from them all day. I will miss them terribly. Lucky for me, I still have my two year old twins at home.

I planned a little Back to School Bash for my girls and two of their friends.  The theme of the party was "Be Awesome Today."  As always, I am encouraging  my kiddos to be the best person they can be. I want them to be happy.  I want them to be confident. I want them to be kind.  I want them to be compassionate.  I want them to be the includer and not the excluder.  I want them to be brave.

I want them to be brave because this school year, they will be coming face to face with  new and old challenges.  From learning new concepts, which may be difficult and may leave them unsure about their answers to teacher questions, to dealing with their peers who may say mean things... I want them to be brave.  I want them to be confident with their answers in the classroom.  I want them the to tell the peer who is taunting them, " Hey...It's nice to be nice."  Building strong, confident girls now, will help them grow into strong, confident women.

Here is one snapshot from the party.  Sadly, my phone crashed and I lost all of the pictures from this party.  I didn't expand the storage on my cloud!!  Huge mistake.  Enjoy the picture!