Lady Bug Birthday Party

27 April 2013

  Choosing a theme for AJ's birthday party was easy.  The girl loves lady bugs.  When she finds them in our house, whether they are living or not, she loves to put them in a jar and tote them around the house.  She talks to them and asks me if she can feed hem "salad."   Anytime she sees a lady bug she tells anyone who will listen that she loves lady bugs.  So...without further adieu....AJ's  lady bug party!  Please note...All pictures were taken by One Plum Lane Photography.  S


Birthday banner, lady bug cupcake toppers, number 3 cupcake toppers and lady bug bunting:  Party Paper Scissors
Hand painted pretzels: Peace.Love.Pretzels.
Lady bug sugar cookies:  Andrea's Goodies
Lady bug cake topper:  Tiny Blossoms
Lady bug fondant cupcake and cake embellishments:  Sweet Thing Topper Shop
Headband: Maple Sugar Lane
Birthday Girl's dress and ruffle pants:  My Sister's Closet 2010
Big Sister's dress:  Jean to Fashion
Wooden Spoons:  Sucre Shop
Plastic Milk Bottles:  Tomkat Studio
Paper Straws and candles:  Shop Sweet Lulu
Photography by:  One Plum Lane

10 Ideas for Celebrating Earth Day with Kiddos

02 April 2013

It's hard to believe we will celebrating Earth Day in less than three weeks.  For one reason it is still in the 30s here in Pittsburgh!  It is suppose to warm up by the end of the week.  

Earth Day is a great day to help our little ones learn about the importance of taking care of our planet Earth.  I believe if we educate the children of today our Earth will be happy and healthier from it tomorrow. 

Celebrating Earth Day with our children can be both fun and educational!

Here are 10 Ideas for Celebrating Earth Day with kiddos!
  1. Plant seeds.
  2. Walk around your neighborhood and pick up trash.
  3. Make a grass head. How to make a grass head by 2 Big 2 Little.
  4. Read the Lorax and make a truffula tree. Tutorial by How to Survive a Teacher's Salary.
  5. Use items from your recycling bin and/or other household itens and "upcycle" them into something new. 130 Upcycling Ideas by
  6. Turn off all lights, power down all appliances (within reason), televisions, computers, etc.. for one hour.  Draw back the curtains and let the natural light come in.
  7. Make a bird feeder. How to make a bird feeder by Alphamom.
  8. Attend an Earth Day event in your community. Find an event here.
  9. Start composting.  Install a rain barrel.  Learn how to compost here.  Buy a rain barrel here.
  10. Host an Earth Day Party or play date.

How will you be celebrating Earth Day?

*Truffula tree picture courtesy of How to Survive a Teacher's Salary.
*Grass head picture courtesy of 2 Big 2 Little.
* Birdfeeder picture courtesy of Alphamom.
*Rain barrel picture courtesy of Rain Barrel Source
*Composting picture courtesy of
*Upcycling picture from the blog of
* Seedling picture from

Shabby Chic Baking Party Inspiration Board

31 March 2013

It's has been a long time since my last post.  I ran into some computer problems that left me without my laptop for over a month.  I am a bit bitter about the whole thing.  I lost one year of pictures.  Many, many photos of my beautiful babes that I never printed, backed up, etc... Anyhoo...I am back and am hoping to become more consistent with blogging.
Today I am going to share the inspiration for my daughter's 5th birthday party.  She asked for a baking party so that is what she is going to get...A shabby chic baking party! I want this party to be soft, light, shabby, chic, pretty and most importantly fun!  I am using a traditional shabby chic palette of pinks and turquoise with hints of yellow and a dash of red.  I am using doilies, lace, ric rac, pom poms, mason jars, twine and naturally, paper party decor.  I love the direction this is heading and as always...I hope I can pull it off.  I have pretty high expectations for this one.

Well, without further adieu...Shabby Chic Baking Party Inspiration.  Let me know your thoughts.

P.S.  Keep your eyes open for a blog makeover!!!

Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas

13 February 2013

I don't go too crazy for Valentine's Day.  This year I hosted a valentine card making playdate (see post below)for my dauthgers.  Yesterday we made valentine's to give to their preschool friends. We also put together small goodie bags for my girls to give their classmates on Valentine's Day.  This year I will be giving my girls painting accessories (rollers, brushes, cups, etc...)I found in the dollar bins at Target and a Merida (Brave) doll.  I will also make them a special heart shaped breakfast!  I thought I would share with you some of the heart shaped breakfast ideas/yummies I found on pinterest.  Each Valentine's Day breakfast idea I chose is easy to make at home.

I tried out a new "app" called The Inspiration Board to make this collage.  Check out I Heart Naptime's blog to learn more about this app and to participate in her The Inspiration Board Launch Party.  She is giving away great prizes!!  

How will you be celebrating Valentine's Day with your little ones?  Or big ones?

You can follow me on pinterest at

Photo credits:

Valentine's Day Party

04 February 2013

I love doing fun things for my girls!  Any chance I get to style a little party or playdate for them, I jump at the chance!  So to celebrate February, the month of love, I decided to throw them a Valentine's Day card making play date!  Here are some pics...
Kids table.  Fully equipped with heart stick centerpiece, heart shaped glasses, heart shaped ring, conversational heart bucket and heart alligator clapper!

Here is a picture of one place setting at the kids table.  One of my favorite little extras of the party was the red heart ice cube in the milk trick.  It looked so cute.  I didn't get a picture....of course.
The dessert table was simple, sweet and cute!

The dessert table had strawberry  cupcakes, heart shaped chocolate chip cookies, strawberry cookies and some Valentine's Day candies.  Each child filled a goodie box with lollipops, heart shaped chocolates, marshmallows and sixletts.

The girls had a blast decorating paper hearts with foamies, stickers, felt stickers and conversational hearts!

We decorated sugar cookies with icing, sanding sugar and sprinkles!

The children decorated cards with rhinestones and stickers...but...I don't have a picture of that.  

Overall, the play date was a huge success.  Everyone had a fun, fun time.

Valentine's Day Decorations

16 January 2013

A couple of weeks ago a shared with you my inspiration for the Valentine's Day line. Here is the link for those of you who missed it:  Vday Inspiration.  Though I didn't design/create as many items as I had hoped, I did make these two banners and cupcake toppers.  What do you think?  They will be posted in my shop by the weekend.  Mention this post when ordering and receive 25% off your purchase of  all Valentine's Day merch:  party paper scissors.

I have a few fun things coming around the bend...Can't wait to share them with you...I am also preparing to work on  my goal of inspiring others and helping others show their sparkle...Excited to share my new idea with you...Won't be long!  Until then...Enjoy my new Valentine's Decos.

Inspiring Words 2013

13 January 2013

I am really excited for 2013!  I have many things I want to do this year:  Be healthy, be creative, be  patient, be kind, be helpful, be successful, be inspiring, be sparkly.... I look at 2013 as a fresh start!  With that said.... I have found that two words were instantly "ringing" with me at the start of this new year....INSPIRE and SPARKLE.  These two words carry a lot of meaning for me.

In addition to all the things I want to "be" this year....This year I promise to inspire and to be inspired!

This year I promise to SHOW MY SPARKLE and help others to do the same.

What are your words of the year?  What inspires you?  How do you show your sparkle?

Valentine's Day Inspiration

02 January 2013

**WARNING...Blogger is being wonky as I am drafting this post...Not looking as it should....

 Hard to believe my last post was two months ago...I decided to take some time off to enjoy the holiday season with my two little girls, and my husband. I didn't want to miss a single Christmas tv movie, a Santa sighting, a holiday craft or popcorn ball. I stopped everything related to party paper scissors. I think that was exactly what I needed!
Now... I am back. I am refreshed. I am inspired. I am ready to try new things. I am ready to sparkle! Here's wishing you a peaceful, prosperous, healthy and fun 2013!  Have fun! Be inspired! Show your sparkle!
 So, I am gearing up for Valentine's Day. I want to do a little Vday card making party shoot and have been thinking about what is inspiring me this February...This is what I have come up with...Let me know what you think? What is inspiring you for Valentine's Day? What is inspiring you day to day? Let me know in the comments section below.

 My Valentine's Day Inspiration....
 Lace...Oh how I love thee....
Picture via Pattern Center.

Mini pom pom trim...adorable!

Picture via

Ric Rac...You are so cute!
Picture via The Velvet Poppy.

And glitter....Gotta show your sparkle!

Red Glitter 12 x 12 Paper

Red Glitter 12 x 12 Paper (clipped to
I am so excited to share the designs I come up with...Stay tuned!