Lady Bug Birthday Party

27 April 2013

  Choosing a theme for AJ's birthday party was easy.  The girl loves lady bugs.  When she finds them in our house, whether they are living or not, she loves to put them in a jar and tote them around the house.  She talks to them and asks me if she can feed hem "salad."   Anytime she sees a lady bug she tells anyone who will listen that she loves lady bugs.  So...without further adieu....AJ's  lady bug party!  Please note...All pictures were taken by One Plum Lane Photography.  S


Birthday banner, lady bug cupcake toppers, number 3 cupcake toppers and lady bug bunting:  Party Paper Scissors
Hand painted pretzels: Peace.Love.Pretzels.
Lady bug sugar cookies:  Andrea's Goodies
Lady bug cake topper:  Tiny Blossoms
Lady bug fondant cupcake and cake embellishments:  Sweet Thing Topper Shop
Headband: Maple Sugar Lane
Birthday Girl's dress and ruffle pants:  My Sister's Closet 2010
Big Sister's dress:  Jean to Fashion
Wooden Spoons:  Sucre Shop
Plastic Milk Bottles:  Tomkat Studio
Paper Straws and candles:  Shop Sweet Lulu
Photography by:  One Plum Lane

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  1. I LOVE it! I didn't realized AJ is Matteo's my mind she's still a little baby, haha!