Valentine's Day Inspiration

02 January 2013

**WARNING...Blogger is being wonky as I am drafting this post...Not looking as it should....

 Hard to believe my last post was two months ago...I decided to take some time off to enjoy the holiday season with my two little girls, and my husband. I didn't want to miss a single Christmas tv movie, a Santa sighting, a holiday craft or popcorn ball. I stopped everything related to party paper scissors. I think that was exactly what I needed!
Now... I am back. I am refreshed. I am inspired. I am ready to try new things. I am ready to sparkle! Here's wishing you a peaceful, prosperous, healthy and fun 2013!  Have fun! Be inspired! Show your sparkle!
 So, I am gearing up for Valentine's Day. I want to do a little Vday card making party shoot and have been thinking about what is inspiring me this February...This is what I have come up with...Let me know what you think? What is inspiring you for Valentine's Day? What is inspiring you day to day? Let me know in the comments section below.

 My Valentine's Day Inspiration....
 Lace...Oh how I love thee....
Picture via Pattern Center.

Mini pom pom trim...adorable!

Picture via

Ric Rac...You are so cute!
Picture via The Velvet Poppy.

And glitter....Gotta show your sparkle!

Red Glitter 12 x 12 Paper

Red Glitter 12 x 12 Paper (clipped to
I am so excited to share the designs I come up with...Stay tuned!

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