Shabby Chic Baking Party Inspiration Board

31 March 2013

It's has been a long time since my last post.  I ran into some computer problems that left me without my laptop for over a month.  I am a bit bitter about the whole thing.  I lost one year of pictures.  Many, many photos of my beautiful babes that I never printed, backed up, etc... Anyhoo...I am back and am hoping to become more consistent with blogging.
Today I am going to share the inspiration for my daughter's 5th birthday party.  She asked for a baking party so that is what she is going to get...A shabby chic baking party! I want this party to be soft, light, shabby, chic, pretty and most importantly fun!  I am using a traditional shabby chic palette of pinks and turquoise with hints of yellow and a dash of red.  I am using doilies, lace, ric rac, pom poms, mason jars, twine and naturally, paper party decor.  I love the direction this is heading and as always...I hope I can pull it off.  I have pretty high expectations for this one.

Well, without further adieu...Shabby Chic Baking Party Inspiration.  Let me know your thoughts.

P.S.  Keep your eyes open for a blog makeover!!!

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  1. love the inspiration! I can't wait to make something for the party :)