Back to School Bash

06 September 2016

So, school is now in session. I am sending my two daughters to third grade and to first grade this year.  I am excited for them to get back to learning but not excited to be apart from them all day. I will miss them terribly. Lucky for me, I still have my two year old twins at home.

I planned a little Back to School Bash for my girls and two of their friends.  The theme of the party was "Be Awesome Today."  As always, I am encouraging  my kiddos to be the best person they can be. I want them to be happy.  I want them to be confident. I want them to be kind.  I want them to be compassionate.  I want them to be the includer and not the excluder.  I want them to be brave.

I want them to be brave because this school year, they will be coming face to face with  new and old challenges.  From learning new concepts, which may be difficult and may leave them unsure about their answers to teacher questions, to dealing with their peers who may say mean things... I want them to be brave.  I want them to be confident with their answers in the classroom.  I want them the to tell the peer who is taunting them, " Hey...It's nice to be nice."  Building strong, confident girls now, will help them grow into strong, confident women.

Here is one snapshot from the party.  Sadly, my phone crashed and I lost all of the pictures from this party.  I didn't expand the storage on my cloud!!  Huge mistake.  Enjoy the picture!

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