It's Spa-rty Time!

13 August 2012

 My daughters (ages two and four) recently began to take a huge interest in having their finger nails and toe nails painted.  They love to choose the color and wait patiently while momma paints their fingers and toes.   The colors of choice are super hot pink, apple green, plummy purple and pale pink.  We have been doing a lot of painting this summer. With all of this painting going on I thought...."Hey!  Throw a spa party!"  So....I did.  And boy was it cute!

     The color palette for the party was shimmery aqua (which does not translate in the photos well) and white.  The theme was "girlfriends."  All paper decorations  and fabric streamer backdrop were created by party paper scissors and are posted in my etsy shop.  They are very affordable and simple to display whether for a birthday party or simple playdate.

The girls loved soaking their feet in their own personal "tubs."  We add some all natural bath salts to the water for a nice fresh scent. 

We washed.  We scrubbed.  We dried. 
Three sets of the softest, cleanest, CUTEST feet!

The girls had a fun time trying to put on their own toe separators.  Not sure what I was thinking...I bought the adult size so they were WAY too big.  
We scrapped them and went without. 

We used many items from our spa products table.  

The next thing you know...Voila...They had pretty toes!

The next treatment was a chocolate facial.  You can find the recipe for the chocolate facial mask below.

Chocolate Facial Mask Recipe
I cup of plain yogurt.
1 Tablespoon of Nestle Quick Chocolate Mix

You can also achieve the same effect with chocolate pudding.

The final treatment was a cool, soothing eye mask with a short dose of relaxation.

Then it was time for the goodies and real "TREATments."

 Each girl got to take home a cosmetic bag full of goodies for their nails and for the bath.

Cupcake toppers that were added at the last minute to match the girlfriend theme. 

It was a fun day.  A fun spa-rty!

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