Pittsburgh Knows Parties! The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Frankie's 2nd

27 July 2012

I live in a wonderful city.  A city full of wonderful people, who really know how to party.  From fun, trendy events by Revive Marketing Group to Princess Parties by Pittsburgh Princess Party to charitable events by Pittsburgh Party for a Purpose, lobster boils hosted by neighbors and birthday parties thrown by family and friends....There is always a party going on in Pittsburgh, PA.
I have decided to take what I am positively passionate about...parties, party styling and planning and cross it with the people of the city I love.  The end result is Pittsburgh Knows Parties.  Pittsburgh Knows Parties will be posts about local parties and events.  I will feature the celebrations, gatherings, events, parties, etc. of real people of Pittsburgh and of the metro area.

The first party I am featuring is a super cute "Very Hungry Caterpillar" themed, 2nd birthday for a darling little gal named Frankie.  Frankie's mom Jaimie is a crafty mama and designed and created this party herself.  I asked Jaimie why she chose this theme for Frankie's party:  "it has been Frankie's very favorite book for a while now, and because I love the idea of the caterpillar experiencing all of these different foods and flavors and then morphing into a beautiful butterfly. I can only hope that my little girl "takes a bite out of life" and has the same adventurous spirit as the Very Hungry Caterpillar."

This guest book is one of my favorite details of Frankie's party.  Each guest was invited to choose a page and write Frankie a birthday message.

 If you have read the Eric Carle classic, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, you know the caterpillar eats his way through some fun foods before he forms his chrysalis and turns into a butterfly.

Jaimie did a great job capturing this part of the story by putting out the same foods for her guests!  I have to add, she did not leave her guests one big green leaf to eat.  She made a delicious salad!

The birthday girl's special cupcake cake made by a local bakery. 

I love this caterpillar tissue paper wreath, made  by Jaimie.  What an adorable accent to the party.  It is so bright and cheerful. Maybe we can convince Jaimie to do a tutorial on how to make this wreath?

These are beautiful coffee filter butterflies made by Jaimie and the birthday girl!  This picture does them no justice.

How cute is this balloon caterpillar?  This was created by the birthday girls' uncle.  Looks like there is paper lantern caterpillar in the background too!

Sweet little treat buckets for all of the guests.  In the bucket are: cone flower grow kits, antennae, Trix treats, Hexipillar toys and lollipops.    Jaimie did a fantastic job incorporating all of the cutest elements of The Very Hungry Caterpillar into a fun, bright and delightful celebration.

I asked Jaimie what her favorite part of the party was and she replied:  " My favorite part of the party was seeing all of the little guests running after their Hexipillar bugs while wearing their antennae. "  

Thanks for sharing Frankie's party with us Jaimie!  Well done!

If you would like to share your party with party paper scissors, please email us at and we might be able to share your celebration!


  1. I love this- I hope the wreath lady will do a tutorial!!!!
    I want to do this for my son's first birthday- I have time though lol he's not born yet :}

  2. @Kinderpond....I am putting in a request for sure! Keep your eyes open!