Back to School = Back to Blogging.

17 August 2015

     Two of my four children go back to school this week. It makes me sad to think about it. I love having them home with me... Not to mention, my odest, Kaelen is very helpful with the twins.  So, it will be less noisy, less chaotic, less for me to do... There will be less fighting, less crying, less smiles, less laughter...I will be sad and I will be missing them. Though I will be missing them, I will appreciate the new routine that we will fall into.  Though I love being carefree in the summer, I crave strucure! Bring on the structure!

I know parents who are excited for their children to go back to school and I know parents who dread sending their children back to school. Which parent are you? Do you crave structure? Would you home school your kiddos if you could? Feel free to post your comments below.  

In the spirit of going back to school, here is one of Kaelen's back to school outfits.

Shirt and skirt -Old Navy

Boots- Zulily 

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