Cinco de Mayo Party... Better Late Than Never!

29 May 2014

So. I had these big plans of posting our Cinco de Mayo play date the day AFTER it happened... May 6.  Well... Here it is May 29.  Better Late than never.  
The cliche "better late than never" holds more meaning to me now more than ever.  We have a very busy household.  Family of six.  A six year old.  A four year old.  Three month old twins.  A father/husband   A mother/wife.  Having so much going on allows for some things to go undone or unfinished or simply forgotten.  For example, craft projects.  I have several craft projects in que.  AJ's Hello Kitty curtains, Matilda Jane knock off tank, cardboard monogram letters for Reagan and Jacks room.  These things will get done.  I promise.  When there is extra time these types of things get done. The same goes for blogging... When there is time it will get done!  Better late than never! So without further ado... Cinco de Mayo play date in a very small nutshell.

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  1. I really loved this party theme. Thanks for party pictures. On my niece’s 7th birthday I also threw a DIY mermaid party for her. We had invited all her school friends. The party was held at one of most popular kid’s event space NYC and everyone enjoyed there.