DIY Party Hat Tags

17 May 2011

     I love wrapping presents and making gifts beautiful. From delightful wrapping paper to the pretty ribbon or adorable twine and sweet little gift tags. . .each little detail is important in making a gift ready to be received. When I saw these super cute party hat tags by Emily from Sweetly Scrapped I just had to share them with you.   Emily uniquely creates sweet scrap book pages,  cards, albums, tags and more.  She does amazingly beautiful work!  She incorporates current trends and style with a vintage twist. Be sure to check out her etsy shop.

     Emily graciously gave me permission to share her tutorial with you of how to make these delightful party hat tags.  I will be sharing two tutorials with you.  One-how to make the party hat tags and two-how to hand stamp tag edges.  Be sure to come back next week to learn how Emily hand stamps the tag edges!

Part one:

1) Cut cream colored card stock into rectangles measuring 2 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches.

2) Take scalloped scissors (or any shape you would like) and trim all the way around

3) Then take your hat image (or any image) and stamp in the center

4) Add your stickies or glue and glitter to the center of the pom pom on top and the bottom. If you are using a different image, add glitter to accent, not overpower the image.

5) Then you will take your fine tip marker of a coordinating shade and add polka dots all around

6) Then you hand ink the edges You do this by simply by brushing your ink pad on the edges.

7) Cut your twine 12 inches (or shorter if you need) and string your tags.

Have fun!  Feel free to share any pictures of your own gift tags!

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  1. awwwhh! Thanks so much! You're too sweet! Good luck with all your ventures. You have alot to share yourself and very looking forward to see all that you have to share.